Corona Virus and Computers.

Corona Virus and Computers.

As you are probably painfully aware the government has ordered that everyone should go into lock down for a period of three weeks. As a non-essential business that means I have to close the doors for the time being. I cannot acquire Laptops and Computers easily as non-essential travel is banned so this will put a delay on things.

As a sole trader, there is no protection out there for me financially so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to weather this storm, but fingers crossed it will only be 3 weeks and normality can resume. I have managed to secure laptops, computers and tablets prior to the lock down so these are ready and waiting to go out. As soon as this situation clears they will be sent out to you.

Please keep in mind that I fund the laptops and computers myself via the IT support I provide to the Greater Manchester area. This has now had to stop since the country is in lock down. Therefore I have no income coming through therefore acquiring laptops and computers has become troublesome. If by some miracle you can spare a pound or two to help carry a local business through this period, it would be greatly appreciated. [].

For more information  please feel free to have a look around the website, or email or call us on 0161 5050313.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll update you again soon!


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