Why not sponsor us?

Why not sponsor us?

We want to create mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses of all sizes that can help us support disadvantaged families and adults in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Working in partnership with us can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping to raise vital funds. It doesn’t have to be a cash donations but if you could spread the work, allow us to share your logo on our project site, old hardware and many other things.

Partnering with MyOutsourcedIT can:

  • Offset Carbon and support the green future
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Help vulnerable families & adults in Greater Manchester and beyond
  • Reach new audiences and drive sales
  • Secure positive PR
  • Build brand profile

We can share your company on our social media platforms, we can brand the computers that are sent out with your logo for publicity and help in more ways. All we ask in return is just your support of the project!

Please get in touch by completing the form below:

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