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The data protection package. For all the good reasons that the internet has revolutionised all industries, there exists an element which is the complete opposite. This comes in the form of ransomware, when a certain site is visited or a file is downloaded the ransomware runs like wildfire through all your connected systems. It encrypts every file, every email, everything. You are then forced with two options. 1. Pay the ransom to the hacker, often thousands or 2. Wipe every machine and server and start from scratch having lost every file ever created.

There is a third option

The data protection package secures all your machines in multiple ways to stop infections before they start. With a mixture of complete backup systems which protect all your files daily, from not only your servers but workstations and laptops. This data is held securely, encrypted and held in the cloud

In the first instance, using site control and antivirus will stop mistake infections by users. The second line of defense, should your network become compromised the point of entry node will be shutdown preventing further infection.

A third line of defense should it spread and lock your business down, an engineer will be at your site and every system, every file will be restored using the secure off site backups.

By using this approach it provides round the clock data protection. Remote monitoring runs hidden in the background so all failsafes are monitored. Daily checkups of backups, antivirus and web-filter updates are checked and corrected if a problem has occurred.

As with all our packages, you will have your own dedicated account manager with a direct line, a portal to access and view tickets, monitor response times and much more.

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