Infrastructure Package

Product Overview

For most companies, the infrastructure package is essential for everyday workflow to be made possible. Having in-house servers allow staff to be more productive, to run complex databases, handle a phone system as well as being a data warehouse for vital information.

In the modern age, data is king and certainly speed plays a massive part as well. Keeping your servers updated, managed and protected are vital for any business operation.

With our Infrastructure package not only do we offer unlimited remote support but take a proactive approach to server maintenance. Installing remote monitoring systems we can optimise the speed, offer advice on limitations and upgrades and protect your servers from outside interference.

With experts at hand we can work to plan, deploy and optimise any new server project you are faced with. From planning to installing you and your infrastructure are supported from start to finish.

We handle cloud services as well, should you wish to make the move to having your data stored outside of your company premises.

When a support package is put in place should disaster strike, if we cannot fix the problem remotely an engineer will attend your site to quickly assess and provide a solution to the problem.

Aside from your own dedicated account manager and direct line, you will also have access to your own bespoke ticketing system to report any issues. The portal will give you access to average SLA times, amount of tickets open and much more.

We believe no one should struggle and that paying forward and being green is the only way forward. Please see our green page and the our journey section for more information on how we are trying to do this.

We strongly believe that mental health matters, that it affects all of us either directly or indirectly. We dontate to Mind, our charity of choice, to help end the stigma. We also employ staff who have experienced hardship and have been stigmatised due to mental health.

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We also rely on donations from everyone to keep us going with operating costs, tools, refreshments for after school clubs, you name it! We self fund through IT support work and any profit is driven back in. Please consider us for a donation. Thank you.

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