These are provided to you and are only for you and your household. This means that you cannot sell or pass around for any financial gain without the express permission of the project. Whilst we cannot enforce this, we feel it important that you understand that buy gifting you the computer, that the computer is to help you. If you no longer have a use for the computer please get in touch and a collection will be arranged.

No additional software other that the operating system will be installed on the computer. It does come with built in anti-virus and anti-malware installed which requires no additional payment or subscription.

Once you have been given the computer it then belongs to you. There will be no requests for payment or otherwise in relation to you being given the computer. There are no hidden strings attached.

In order to protect your data we never keep the hard-drives that are inside your hardware. These are removed and passed back to you for safe keeping or disposing. This protects everyone. The hard drives are removed when we are collecting or when you drop them off.


Donations can be made to the project by either hardware, money or time. These are done by your own free will and they are not a mandatory requirement to be part of the project. There is no membership fee for the project. The donations will be used to assist in the delivery of computers, refurbishments that need to be made to the computer and in helping keep the project active.

You can ask for a refund for your donation but please allow 28 days for this to be processed. In reality it will be processed much faster but it will not pass 28 days. To do this simply get in touch with us and we can get it sorted.

Complaints & feedback

If you feel we could of done better or have a direct complaint please get in touch with us at any time. Whether it is good or bad, you will be listened to and the correct procedure will be applied. For example, you would like a refund of your donation because you feel you’ve been waiting unfairly, would then result in a refund being given and an explanation sent as to why the waiting time has been longer than expected.

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