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A Free computer in every home, our project puts a free computer in the homes of kids and adults to allow everyone access to the world of IT.

This project aims to provide a computer in every home, along with offering IT support and classes to get the most out of the equipment.

These computers are offered to children, adults and carers needing equipment for school work, and being able to access the digital world. The digital world is evolving every day and it is our firm belief that everyone should be part of it.

We ask that the families and individuals who receive hardware as part of the project keep the computer in their home. Did you know for every device we pay £6.20 from our own personal funds to have your device posted out to you? The purchasing of a Windows 10 license costs us roughly £8 per device as well.

Unfortunately, we now have to ask for a donation, so even a pound  can and does make all the difference. Any donation, big or small makes a massive difference in allowing us to continue and help our community’s. All donations are refundable should you have an issue, delay or cancellation on your device.

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If you are struggling financially there are a number of resources out there who can help. We believe no one should struggle and that paying forward and being green is the only way forward. Please see our green page and the our journey section for more information on how we are trying to do this.


As a company we strongly believe that mental health matters, that it affects all of us either directly or indirectly. We dontate to Mind, our charity of choice, to help end the stigma. We also employ staff who have experienced hardship and have been stigmatised due to mental health.

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Man Mind is a FB group who support each other in extraordinary ways, a link to the group is here.

At OK Rehab, their aim is to help individuals break free from the shackles of addiction and find a treatment that’s ideally suited to peoples needs. This treatment is applicable for drug addiction, alcoholism and process/behavioural addictions. You can find out more about them from here.

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