A Free Computer in every home Project

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Welcome to a free computer in every home Project.

This project aims to provide a free computer in every home that needs it, along with offering IT support and classes to get the most out of the equipment

These computers are offered to beneficiaries free of charge, with children needing equipment for school work, and people totally new to computers receiving priority access to the project. 

We ask that the families and individuals who receive hardware as part of the project keep the computer in their home, and return the computer once it is no longer needed. We use computers for all sorts of things, so it doesn’t matter what state of repair it’s in.  We recycle everything, so it could be used in a dissection after school club where kids get to look and play with the insides of machines!

For those who can afford it, we ask for a small donation to cover our costs. This donation isn’t obligatory in any way.

To apply for a computer please fill in the form below: 

If you are struggling financially there are a number of resources out there who can help. We believe no one should struggle and that paying forward and being green is the only way forward. Please see our green page and the our journey section for more information on how we are trying to do this.


We strongly believe that mental health matters, that it affects all of us either directly or indirectly. We dontate to Mind, our charity of choice, to help end the stigma. We also employ staff who have experienced hardship and have been stigmatised due to mental health.

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