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Product Overview

The security & support package offers you a complete solution for your IT & Security needs, whether it is a workstation or laptop, you will get first-class technical service & support.

Unlimited remote IT workstation/laptop support via telephone, email & remote access. Should we not be able to fix the problem remotely, a site visit will be made. Dedicated support from your account manager you will have a direct dial to salvation.

Offering remote monitoring and management 24/7 rest assured that we are keeping an eye on the performance and security of your workstations.

With Cloud backup of all your files & emails, should disaster strike, your data will be safely stored in a secure facility using military grade encryption with unlimited retention.

Whether it’s a single file you mistakenly deleted or virus hijacking your machine, you will always have a backup ready and waiting.

Proactive protection works silently in the background waiting for an issue to arise, it actively protects your system from viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware. Alerting us whenever any suspicious activity is detected so we can proactively manage your machine.

Aside from your own dedicated account manager and direct line, you will also have access to your own bespoke ticketing system to report any issues. The portal will give you access to average SLA times, amount of tickets open and much more.

We believe no one should struggle and that paying forward and being green is the only way forward. Please see our green page and the our journey section for more information on how we are trying to do this.

We strongly believe that mental health matters, that it affects all of us either directly or indirectly. We dontate to Mind, our charity of choice, to help end the stigma. We also employ staff who have experienced hardship and have been stigmatised due to mental health.

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We also rely on donations from everyone to keep us going with operating costs, tools, refreshments for after school clubs, you name it! We self fund through IT support work and any profit is driven back in. Please consider us for a donation. Thank you.

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