Why Us?

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Why us? Our green credentials are bringing IT to primary schools, low income families & the elderly.

We run free training for anyone who needs it. From the elderly, to running after school clubs, to donating refurbished machines to families who are struggling.

Why us? Manchester based, all experts trained locally, CRB checked and ready to help.

CRB checked staff (available on request) not only protects you but hopefully reassures you that we hire secure, trusted and dedicated technical support staff.

Why us? Dedicated accounts managers – Not call handlers but technically trained staff.

Account managers who know IT inside and out, who are able to advise and help rather than take a note and forget to call you back.

Why us? IT Support catering from 1 to 1000 users, a bespoke service no matter the size.

We cover homes, schools and businesses with either a one-off service or providing managed services. We don’t discriminate and are very flexible.

Flexible support packages.

We offer 4 main areas of managed support as well as one-off projects or repairs. You can mix and match, together we will find a solution that will work for you.

If you are struggling financially there are a number of resources out there who can help. We believe no one should struggle and that paying forward and being green is the only way forward. Please see our green page and the our journey section for more information on how we are trying to do this.


We strongly believe that mental health matters, that it affects all of us either directly or indirectly. We dontate to Mind, our charity of choice, to help end the stigma. We also employ staff who have experienced hardship and have been stigmatised due to mental health.

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We also rely on donations from everyone to keep us going with operating costs, tools, refreshments for after school clubs, you name it! We self fund through IT support work and any profit is driven back in. Please consider us for a donation. Thank you.

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